I know a lot of yoga teachers don’t like the fact that we’ve had to go online because of COVID, but I’ll tell you why I personally think it’s a great thing – and I’ve recorded a Podcast episode talking about the benefits of the right online yoga teacher training here. Living over in Singapore, I’ve felt disconnected from my ladies in the UK for so long and missed not being able to be fully present for the teacher training, because pre-covid, the technology wasn’t really there – or certainly we didn’t know how to make the most of it. Now, I’m able to train my teachers completely online just as effectively as in person, if not more so! 

Online Yoga Teacher Training Can Be More Impactful Than In-person Yoga Teacher Training

I’m talking about really being able to interact with my trainees on an ongoing basis, as well as giving them access to live coaching and mentoring sessions. Interactive yoga teaching but with the bonus of having all of your resources online too, so you can keep referring back when you need to. Online yoga training means there’s no scrabbling for notes or being scared to miss something. There’s also the fact that we can have trainees from everywhere in the world at once – and it’s amazing for our trainees to get that advantage of hearing about how yoga is taught elsewhere and make those connections across the globe.

Create A Plan To Make Sure You Get What You Need From Yoga Teacher Training

On joining EMPOWER, you begin your journey with a strategy call with me, to help me (and you!) understand what you want to get from the training. Then we’ll help you put this into your own EMPOWER plan to make sure you meet all of your goals. And we’ll use this to personally structure your EMPOWER training – because everyone wants something different from joining the course and your training should be personalized.

You’ll also be assigned to a Nest of 2-3 students and your own Senior YogaBellies Teacher Mentor. In this group, you’ll work through the coursework and practice teaching and sharing yoga business ideas together, in addition to your core training sessions.

How Much Does Online Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

Honestly? It varies greatly. You should look at:

1. How much content you REALLY get and what is the format of the training? Some courses are 100% video – not great if you like notes. Some are all written. Some are not much of anything! Ask about how much content there is, what it is and how its delivered.

2. How much live interaction there will be during the training and how much access do you get to the principal teacher? What is their background and yoga teaching experience? Is the yoga school respected in its field and well known?

3. Will you become part of a community and will there be an opportunity for ongoing support?

4. Are there assignments to complete and progress checks? Who deals with these? If not, how do they check for your progress and understanding.

You can buy a super basic online yoga teacher training from as cheap as USD $500-$1000 these days. I’ve bought these in the past and been sorely disappointed, learned nothing and had to reinvest in something better. If this is your budget, then you may be better placed to save up or look for a yoga teacher training programme that offers installments. The higher the price, this is generally an indication of the quality of training provided. For a good quality 200 hour YTT expect to pay from around USD $2500. For a good quality 300-hour yoga teacher training course expect to pay from around USD $4000.

There are 2 places left of EMPOWER and I’ve spent the last 24 hours converting the prices into different currencies for teachers from across the world lol. My brain is completely pickled now, so the prices are now shown on the website in GBP for my own sanity. Please go to www.xe.com and convert into your own currency for reference. Link in bio to find out more xx



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