So, if a yoga teacher training is online, how does that work??

This is actually a great question and one I get asked regularly. What you also need to realize is that not all online yoga teacher trainings are created equally.

‘Online’ training can mean a lot of things.

In the past I’ve paid hundreds or thousands for online courses, opened them up… and it’s one skimpy ‘handbook’ (see 5 pointless pages) to download or a selection of short videos… with no notes or handbook to refer back to! What the hell am I supposed to do with this??

Having had some pretty deplorable ‘online’ training experiences myself, I wanted to make sure the EMPOWER provided as much as an in-person training BUT with the added benefits of having lifetime access to the resources and access them in your own time.

How is EMPOWER delivered?


At the beginning of your training, we help you identify what you really want from your life – personally and professionally – and we use this as a guiding tool to make sure you get exactly what you need from the training.


EMPOWER is a combination of live (or live online) teacher training and guest experts (including Cardiologists, Weight Management Specialists, Physiotherapists and Female Sexuality Coaches); live mentoring sessions with myself; live coaching sessions with your appointed Senior Yoga Teacher Mentor and daily interaction in our online forum with the YB team and your peers. We’re constantly interacting with you to make sure you’re on track throughout the training and if you can’t make a session you can access it later in your own time.


In addition to this, you have access to complete handbooks for each module; a full YogaBellies Asana Manual; adaptions for each female life stage and condition and more. You’ll also be provided with pre-written YogaBellies class plans if you chose to become a licensed teacher.


We provide over 30 hours of live YogaBellies class videos for your review and learning; 60 hours of lecture and asana break down videos, all of which you have lifetime access to and can watch at a time to suit. We even give you my hormone-balancing recipe book and meal plans for you to use personally throughout your EMPOWER journey!


If you wish to gain the 300-Hour Qualification, there are various criteria that need to be met including: Practice teaching; yoga teaching video submissions; modules quiz; Keeping a yoga practice and menstrual/moon cycle log; a reading list to complete and actively working on your personal EMPOWER plan.

Want to know more?

You can book in a discovery call with me here or you can pop over and sign up now while we still have places.

We are one of the top pregnancy yoga teacher trainers, contact us today.

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