You could stumble through a standard hatha yoga practice and up, you could definitely endanger yourself and your baby at an ashtanga or hot yoga class… but is that what you really want to do!?

Our priorities change rapidly when we become pregnant.

It’s no longer about running marathons or working your abs. It’s about trying not to vomit (lol); making sure you eat the right things for you and baby and not doing anything to endanger your precious pregnancy. The everyday stress immediately doubles, on top of the aches and pains and anxiety of becoming a parent. But it’s not all bad news!

Yoga during pregnancy is so much more than just the physical practice,

and it’s possible that’s the reason you’ve been practising yoga before – the physical benefits. Even if you’re an experienced practitioner, yoga during pregnancy can do so much more for you than just keep you healthy and well.

We all know that yoga is great for keeping stress and anxiety at bay:

Who doesn’t feel some level of anxiety during pregnancy and definitely during birth? The YogaBellies method uses pregnancy-specific breathing practices, meditations, and even self-hypnosis, to help ease those feelings of uncertainty. We help you cope with the changes you experience during pregnancy – emotionally and physically – but also to prepare for birth and minimize any discomfort. We choose postures that help you relax and are safe and comfortable for you and your baby.

We use asana (physical poses) which are not only safe but therapeutic for various ailments during pregnancy:

High blood pressure (pre-eclampsia;) carpal tunnel; pelvic girdle pain; sciatica to name but a few. You won’t get this in a standard yoga class, and it’s highly probable that your yoga teacher hasn’t trained in anything pregnancy-related or even knows about these conditions, which is potentially dangerous for you and bubba.

During pregnancy, we desperately need the support of other women going through the same thing,

which is why the community aspect of YogaBellies classes is so important. We are the first of our friends to have had a baby, be a single mum, work crazy hours, or living far from family. This is one of the most important things about YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes: Women supporting women.

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