In the past decade or so, yoga has become increasingly popular, and there is no sign that its popularity is slowing down. In fact, many researchers are finding new and more beneficial ways to practice yoga, and some have even suggested that yoga can be beneficial for cancer patients in terms of coping with warning signs and adverse effects.

Regardless of the situation, yoga instructors are in high demand, which indirectly creates more accessibility for online yoga teacher training courses. These courses lay the foundation for all beginners to build a successful career and impart to others the knowledge acquired during training. More so, it sets the path for keeping up with the latest yoga trends.

Considering there are so many of these courses available today, finding the right one can be challenging. But, no worries; this guide is here to help as it reviews 15 of the best online yoga courses. But first, let’s explore some important aspects of this practice.

An Overview of Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Yoga teacher training courses are programs that offer students intensive instruction in all areas related to yoga. These courses typically begin by providing a detailed understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga and proceed to cover various yoga postures. Likewise, the training delves into the basic anatomy and physiology of the human body. A yogic lifestyle, practice, and meditation are typically discussed as well.

The primary intention behind yoga training courses for instructors is to impart knowledge, not just to learn techniques; that’s what differentiates a teacher from a student. Two reasons account for this fact:

  • A true yoga teacher must have an in-depth understanding of yogic philosophy, which includes many different aspects.
  • Every yogi knows that when it comes to yoga, no technique can be perfected without proper knowledge.

Yoga teachers take these courses to deepen their understanding of this ancient practice, while others might want to make a career out of it. That being stated, below are some courses that are well-received.

Top 15 Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Looking for the ideal course to kick-start that career? Look no further as here are some top picks from YogaBellies and a few other brands that are well-received.

Empower YTT 300

In this intensive course, students learn how to develop their own personal yoga practice. Based on 25 years of practice and coaching experience, the 300-hour program offers a combination of expert knowledge and hands-on proficiency. It comprises 220 lessons, ranging from anatomy and physiology (including monthly cycle and hormone-balancing diet) to setting real-life goals. It cost £3,497.

Birthing the Mother YTT

As the name suggests, this 50-hour program focuses on the pregnancy period and, more specifically, how yoga poses, including YogaBellies SLEEP practices, can help a mother’s physical and emotional health. For £599, the course consists of pre-recorded live video lectures and handbooks from Cheryl MacDonald, E-RYT 500, a certified birth educator and a yoga teacher.

Seasons & Cycles YTT

This course explores the menstrual cycle as an integral part of a woman’s transformation. It incorporates the YogaBellies Sadhana of Sense Breath Move Sleep. As part of the 50-hour training, students learn how to harmonize their menstrual cycles along with the lunar cycle to create oneness with nature. Also included are tips on how to use the cycle as a tool to enhance health, which women with menstrual issues will find valuable. It costs £499.

Mother & Child YTT

The 50-hour course is specifically designed for pregnant women who wish to learn how to practice yoga after giving birth. It covers all aspects of postpartum physiology and anatomy, alongside each trimester phase. Upon completing the £499 course, students will, among other things, be able to teach yoga postures that will address issues associated with childbearing, including the dysfunction of the pelvis.

Embracing the Crone YTT

This training is valuable for women over 45 who want to learn how hormones affect their bodies and how to manage them with yoga practice. It tackles the psychological, emotional, and physical challenges such women face, as well as different tools and practices that can help them live with grace and ease. The 50-hour course sells for £499.

Soulful Entrepreneur YTT

Looking for a comprehensive online training program designed to help aspiring yoga teachers turn their passion into a successful business? The Soulful Entrepreneur is the right choice. Whether the goal is to work full-time as a yoga teacher or incorporate yoga as part of an existing career, this 50-hour training can help, for just £599.

YogaBellies Teaching Foundations Training

A yoga-teaching foundation course for non-yoga teachers, this 50-hour program covers everything from basic principles of yoga and posture alignment to safe and effective teaching skills. The £299 program lays the foundation for Hatha yoga and contains 44 lessons. It differs from other courses in that it emphasises anatomy, which includes how to use props and keep the body safe in yoga classes.

Baby Rocks Parent Craft Instructor Training

This program is perfect for everyone, with a particular interest in parents who wish to be more involved in their children’s lives. Costing £297, the training features 22 lessons that offer valuable advice on how to nurture and cultivate children, alongside creating a safe and playful environment.

YogaBellies Teacher Licence

For £50 a month, a YogaBellies student can access tons of training resources for tutors, including business and teaching templates; become an ambassador; set up a minisite on the company’s website, and advertise with the brand. These are just a few of the perks that come with this program. A total of 75 lessons are included to offer candidates a whole world of possibilities.


Here’s a 16-lesson yoga teacher training program to equip students with adequate knowledge and skills to instruct yoga to children. Within the 8-module course are various yoga styles to learn, including Hatha, ashtanga, and Bikram. At £1,497, the course comes with a certified license, a complete kit to start a yoga class, and a comprehensive tutoring guide.

BirthROCKS Mentor Training

BirthROCKS offers courses for yoga teachers who want to delve deeper into teaching yoga to expecting and new mothers. The IPTI and IICT-certified program comes with the tools, skills, and 85 lessons to become a prenatal and postpartum expert. With £599, a student can become a registered BRA mentor.

4 Weeks to Business Goddess

A well-reviewed online training course for aspiring yoga instructors, this £199 program comprises 8 lessons that offer holistic training for students interested in pursuing a successful yoga business. By the end of the course, trainees should have a clear picture of how to launch their careers. In addition, there is an online community of support for yogis.

Himalayan Institute

Yoga teachers are highly sought after in today’s world, and a program offered by this institute will serve as an essential tool for aspiring instructors to become successful in the field. The training includes yoga retreats at the institute’s retreat centre in the foothills of the Himalayas. On successful completion, one can become a yoga teacher, massage therapist, or Reiki master in no time. It costs £1,733 or $2,399.

YogaWorks Teacher Training

This program is designed to cater to all types of learners and experience levels. It can be taken either online or in person. Regardless of the option, students will gain the basics of yoga teaching and become certified instructors.

The basic 200-hour certification provides the basic foundation for all beginners, teaching them how to create a safe and friendly environment for their students, manage classes, and work with a variety of ages. While the course isn’t cheap (up to $5,000 or £3,695), it is a huge investment that can be pivotal to career building.

YogaRenew Teaching Training

This online training program, worth £1,209 or $1,637, is a basic 200-hour certification that can be completed in a month. Designed for beginners, the class also provides valuable refreshers for experienced yogis. The main focus is, of course, on delivering online yoga classes with lifetime access. Included in the online tutoring program are 12 comprehensive course sections and study materials.

The Bottom Line

As clearly described, the online yoga training courses vary in terms of price, length, and topics covered. The important thing to remember is that these courses are always a great investment. Any of them could be an ideal option, depending on a student’s goals.

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