Participating in physical exercise is of course important year-round, but if you have slacked off a little over the summer, the winter season is the perfect time to re-focus on it. This provides a lot of benefits your physical and emotional health, plus lets you reach any fitness goals you have.

Benefits of Yoga in the Winter

Why practice yoga in the winter? There are so many great reasons! The weather is starting to get cooler, so you can enjoy outdoor practice without too much discomfort. This is also the time of year when the gym is less crowded, and most people sign up for new gym memberships in the beginning of the year or before summer, but tend to go less during this time of year. 

Plus, with the holidays approaching, you might want to find a healthy balance between eating and working out, which is why exercising this time of the year can be so beneficial for your health.

  1. Get Outside to Practice – on and off mat

There is no better time than to get outside for your exercise routine! Think of how beautiful the scenery is during this time of year. You get the cooler weather, the changing leaves, the beautiful sunsets. Think about outdoor activities like walking, hiking, riding a bike. You can start participating in gardening more to exercise at home, or go apple picking with your family. There are just so many great options.

2. Head to the Gym

If you prefer working out at the gym, this is the perfect time of year! As mentioned, the gym is going to be less crowded than just about any other time of year. In the winter, you are able to usually get a discount for your membership because of this, and you will get your choice of machines. Ask the gym about their trainer options if you are brand new to using a gym, or just hop on a treadmill or elliptical for a good cardio workout. Cardio and wright training will improve your strength and allow your ro mix up your yoga practuce

3. Train for a 5 or 10k

There is almost always a 5k or 10k race in the winter season, often around Thanksgiving or similar holidays. During this time of the year, it might be a good idea to challenge yourself and run (or walk/run) a 5k. It is only 3.1 miles, so you can definitely do it with just a little training. By practicing your walking and jogging a few days a week, you will be ready in no time! Plus, this is a great activity to do with the kids.

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