The winter season is a time to reflect on your year so far and finishing it off right, by choosing healthy habits. These habits are not just for your physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. Here are some tips for building healthy habits for the winter season.

  1. Focus on Getting Better Sleep

Sleep is a very underrated healthy habit, and one you should always start with. Getting good sleep can reduce your stress, help with anxiety, and even boost your productivity. Try to focus on getting better sleep in healthy, natural ways. Instead of taking meds for sleeping, try melatonin or using an essential oil diffuser at night. Take a bath before bedtime to relax, and read in bed instead of watching TV. Keep your phone turned off if you can, as this will help keep you from being up later than you should.

2. Switch to Warm Drinks in the Morning

With the change in climate in the winter, you can still enjoy your healthy drinks in the morning, but it might be a good time to switch to warmer drinks. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, try some hot tea or even drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning. These will hydrate you, give you some natural energy, and be a great start to your day in the winter.

3. Use a Journal or Planner

To improve your productivity and find more clarity in your life, consider using a planner or journal in the morning. You can set your alarm for about 20-30 minutes earlier than normal so that you have enough time to write in your planner in the morning. Journaling is great with any daily routine, but there are some different benefits between using it in the morning or evening. Try both to see which you prefer.

4. Practice Hygge

Hygge is the Danish practice of being cozy, comfortable, and relaxed. You spend more time just winding down and enjoying your downtime, instead of trying to constantly be running around keeping busy. You can actually use your daily planner to fit hygge in your days, and add it to your daily routine. This can also be considered a great way to practice self-care each day.

5. Add in Gentle Yoga

While you don’t need to have an intense workout program, regular exercise is an important part of staying healthy. Why not add in some gentle yoga every day? Start something you haven’t done before, like yoga in the morning or hiking over the weekend, or pick up an old activity you haven’t participated in a while. 

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