????First off, don’t feel bad about missing your pre-baby life. Even though you’re obviously delighted to be a mother, this is a completely normal feeling. You no longer have the luxury of copious free time.

????Instead of thinking back, consider how you can better integrate yoga and self-care into your new reality.

☀️What can you do ‘on the go’ in those stolen moments, to make you feel calm and centred?

Try squeezing some of these little treasures into your daily routine:

????Try the full YogaBellies Breath when you’re washing dishes ????

You may have learnt certain breath practices, during pregnancy that can still be helpful in the journey through motherhood. Try YogaBellies BALANCING breath to keep you calm and cool or the full YogaBellies breath to just slow down and focus on the present moment.

????Rock some yoga shapes while the kettle boils ????

Pulling some gentle yoga shapes when you’re in the kitchen, can be great to open the heart and tighter areas of our body. Hold onto the chair for Malasana squat, to stretch out the sacrum and lower back. Garundasana arms can release the length of the spine – perfect for breast feeders. Even a good Tadasana pose, can be excellent if you only have a couple of minutes to bring awareness to your posture.

????Traffic Light Bandhas ????

I’m always banging on about this, but the pelvic floor is an essential part of our wellbeing. Having something that triggers us to practice some pelvic floor exercises, bodes well for strengthening and maintaining these important muscles.

????Try a Walking Meditation ????

I promise, you’ll never look back. As you walk, become aware of the ground beneath your feet with every step (barefoot is best) Be aware of your external and internal environment. If your baby is awake, tell them about what you are experiencing.

????Want to share some more inspirational mindfulness of the go with your sisters? Pop your ideas below????

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