????Top Yoga Practices for Women’s Least Favourite Jiggly Bits????

????Yoga is not about looking good, but most of us are uncomfortable with some part of our body. The good news is, some lil tweaks can lead to some major weight loss and a leaner physique. Here are the most common problem areas that women are most concerned with and how yoga can help combat them:


The fat underneath your skin, which causes those dimples. An easy way to fix this is by mindful eating, practising yoga and avoiding stress. 30 minutes a day of yoga can lessen the appearance of cellulite. Stay away from sugary and fatty foods, and limit your alcohol intake.


I won’t lie: I hate my thighs. A good way to tone your thighs is with yoga squats like chair pose and goddess, which attack different parts of the thigh. A goddess squat will target your inner thigh, but chair pose will target your outer thigh and butt.


Everyone loves having arm fat. Try a chaturanga your hands will be in a diamond for extra effect. Purvottanasana or Reverse planks work well too.


You can lose this fat by practising 5-10 sun salutations per day. This will expend more energy, which will make you burn more calories. Soon you’ll will be able to enjoy muffins, without the muffin top. Boom boom.


A great way to tone your buns, is more goddess squats. Do these with legs wider than your hips, you can also do while holding a weight. The heavier the weight, the better, but nothing too strenuous.

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