Is Yoga For You? Find Out If You Are Ready To Do A Yoga Teacher Training.

The short answer: Yes! Some schools require experience before enrolling in YTT; however, you can always find one that doesn’t.

The answer you may not want to hear: YTT is an investment. It pays to have clear direction and a defined purpose with your teaching to get the most out of your training!

Yes, Really: Anyone Can Become a Yoga Teacher

Becoming a yoga teacher is not necessarily dependent upon your fitness level or athletic ability. You don’t have to be flexible, strong, or even fit to become a yoga instructor. In fact, some of the most popular yoga teachers are physically challenged and still manage to share the joys of yoga with others. Online and in-person YTTs are available to the public. Some are more intense than others and require a great deal of practice, but anyone can become a yoga teacher.

In the era of modern technology, you can even find Yoga Alliance International certified YTTs online (like YogaBellies School.) This means that yoga education is more widely available than ever before. If you’re a busy mum, student, caregiver, or professional, you can even attend YTT from your home.

Why Would You Undertake a Yoga Teacher Training?

There are a number of reasons why someone would choose to pursue yoga teacher training. Some trainings require prior qualifications and a certain level of experience, while others do not. Working yoga teachers who are registered with Yoga Alliance International are actually required to log a certain number of continuing education (CE) hours in order to maintain their status, and many yoga teachers (like me

Your YTT is bound to be a literal chocolate box of amazing students with a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. There are some common reasons why yogis like you might choose to do a YTT, though. Let’s talk about them in a bit more detail:

You want to improve your yoga practice: You might find that you don’t get enough out of your studio yoga training or maybe you struggle to stick to a consistent practice. Attending training can be a great way to get to know your body and immerse yourself in asanas, meditations, and breathing techniques to inspire your home practice.

You’ve done the physical poses in yoga before, but you want to go beyond that. Modern yoga studios typically focus on asana – the physical poses. You might have already experienced that there is so much more to yoga than poses, and are craving more! Teacher training gives you a deeper understanding of the seven limbs of yoga that aren’t about what happens on the yoga mat.

Yoga certification is an excellent way to expand your holistic health and wellness services. Many people are already looking for a deeper, more holistic approach to their health and wellness. A yoga certification will allow you to offer them something different from conventional healthcare and wellness practices.

I don’t want to teach yoga! I just want to learn more about yoga and work on myself. Can I still take a yoga teacher training?

The majority of people don’t teach yoga right away after graduating from training. It might surprise you to know that. Before signing up for training, make sure the target group is suitable for people who are keen to work on themselves and their personal interpretation of yoga-like our EMPOWER 300-hour YTT. If there is a teaching-oriented focus and you’re not interested in teaching, at least right away, training like this could be for you.

When you attend a Yoga Alliance International accredited school, you should expect to practice teaching. If you do not plan on becoming a yoga instructor, this might be a turn-off. However, if you are open-minded and want to broaden your experience and knowledge of poses, this is an excellent opportunity.

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