We know that care of ourselves means eating healthy, getting exercise on a daily basis, and take care of our mental health. only when our bodies and mind are in union (did you know yoga means union?) can we feel and be our genuinely best selves.

It’s not about avoiding a heart attack or living longer – it’s about fully enjoying this one damn life we have!

there are a few things that I’ve realized are absolutely essential to me being sane and happy on a daily basis – and I know this because when I veer off track I am no longer sane or happy… ???? I’m not saying this exact formula will work for you but my daily sanity essentials look like this:

  • Yoga. Big surprise ???? If I don’t get on the mat, I go off my head. It’s as simple as that.
  • Self Care. It could be having my nails done or a massage or a bubble bath but I need the luxury of an hour to myself to focus on looking after my body and mind.
  • Laughter. I need to laugh – I need to be around funny people and to be having fun. If there’s nobody funny around I’ll laugh at own jokes or watch a comedian lol.
  • Nutritious food. If I eat shit ,I feel shit, it’s as simple as that. Same goes for alcohol: it makes me feel horrendous and then I eat more rubbish…so to be taken in very limited quantities.
  • Cardio. I need to get outside in nature for a walk or cycle every day. It reminds me that’s the world is a bigger place than in my head.
  • Community. If it’s in person or online I need to connect with and speak to friends and family and colleagues.

These look like things you’d take for granted but we all know the last few years have been weird at best. Sometimes we need to make the effort to proactively take care of the basics.

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