The process of cleaning the nasal passage by salt water is called jala neti. The specially designed pot is used for this purpose called neti pot. This is what’s known as a yoga kriya or cleansing process and it may come in very useful over the festive season, with lots of coughs and colds going around. Great in summer too for hayfever sufferers. The reason why yogis do this is to balance constituents of the body kappha, pitta and vata and to ensure you can breathe easily through the nose when practicing ujjayi breathing. If you come to a CorePlay or ashtanga class, you will be familiar with this practice, which helps you flow and turn your practice into a moving meditation.


 1. Jala neti is the best method to prevent and eliminate colds.

2. Very good to maintain and to increase the efficiency of nasal passages.

 3. it’s a very good method to overcome sinusitis. If one practices jala neti with kaphala bhati you can overcome sinus problems within a month.

 4. Jala neti helps overcome migraine problems, depression, tension, etc.

5. The practice of jala neti makes breathing easier, which leads to improved intake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide. So the jala neti practice is very good for your overall health.

LIMITATIONS: People suffering from chronic nose bleeding should not do neti unless experts advise.


1. Always practice kaphalabhati after neti practice, it will help to remove the remaining water content from the nose.

2. In traditional Yoga techniques, milk and ghee are also used instead of saltwater.

 3. The water used for the practice should be pure and lukewarm…

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