HEAD – Rake fingers through head and hair in gentle circles

FACE – Trace the eyebrows with fingers tips from center outwards. Massage hollows of the cheeks and jaws in circular motions

NECK – Using pads of fingers, massage the back of the neck with firm circular motions

SHOULDERS – Using the opposite hand, massage the shoulders in circular motions

ARMS Stroke from shoulder to elbow in long strokes

ELBOWS stroke the elbows in a circular motion

LOWER ARM Stroke from elbow to wrist in long strokes

WRISTS – circle the wrists with opposite hand

HANDS – kneading and circling

FINGERS – pull fingertips

CHEST – Stroke hands from shoulder to centre of chest/heart then change opposite side. Can criss-cross also towards heart chakra

BREAST – small circles around the nipple in clockwise direction all over breasts. Helps open milk ducts also

RIB CAGE – Large wide circles

ABDOMINAL – clockwise circles around the abdomen. Small circles around the belly button

HIP CIRCLES – large strokes in a circular motion over hips

BACK – press at their sacrum then do circles around the areas

LEGS – Long strokes from thigh to knee. X4 each side

KNEE CIRCLES – circular motions around knees

KNEE TO ANKLE – long strokes up and down

ANKLES – circle ankles with the hands

FEET AND TOES – massage deeply for relief

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