While the above process works great, it can also be SO important to actually talk about your fears with others who get it. Because the fears that plague Yoga Business CEOs can be very different than what the average person faces (even another yoga teacher who is not yet scaling or growing), it’s important that you find a confidante or a mastermind group or group of peers – just like YogaBellies. You need people around you who understand what you’re feeling and going through!

These are also the people who will be supportive of your efforts; who will be your cheerleaders when you reach a milestone; and who are willing to share their yoga business strategies of what worked for them to reach their goals or to conquer their fears. These people are the go-getters who have already conquered some fears and who will serve as mentors and friends to you. 

Have you noticed over the years that the people who surround you often affect your decisions and your motivation? Think about it: Do you have family members or a spouse who are not supportive of your Yoga business dreams? How does that make you feel? Are you still driven to make those dreams a reality?

Now let’s add in a mastermind group or a peer group of other like-minded Yoga Business CEOs. This group of successful and committed yoga teachers who are steps above where you want to be will inspire you to take more action steps. They can help you figure out your next steps. With this type of leadership, you will feel motivated to accomplish your goals and show those naysayers that you ARE capable of those accomplishments. Energy is contagious so surround yourself with those who strive for similar success paths.

Many forms of support require an investment, such as mastermind groups, or being part of a Yoga collective like YogaBellies. Do your research and be sure that you’ll receive the support you require from whichever groups or collectives have caught your eye. Will this yoga mentor or collective, motivate you to take action. 

The ideas of surrounding yourself with like-minded, successful yoga teachers AND working to conquer your fears can work hand in hand. Personal growth and development never cease and, as I mentioned earlier, at every level of business you attain, new fears will arise, so you’ll want to keep this process handy. No matter what level of success you reach, you’ll stop moving forward if you allow those “next level” fears to take over.

This process will help you name and claim each fear, see each fear more objectively, and figure out what tiny actions you can take. Focus your tiny actions on the most impactful and timely fears. Once you conquer the first one, working on the next fear won’t seem as difficult.

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