A woman’s body is the only one that can bring another human being into the world. Women are made specifically this way just so that they can birth another person. They can trust in their bodies to be able to come through the experience of childbirth as they were designed. With that in mind we need to focus on how to have more natural childbirths and thus have healthier moms and babies. Unfortunately society in general has forgotten to trust in a woman’s body to be able to birth a child. Instead we view pregnancy and childbirth as a medical condition and not a natural process.

The U.S. is 41st of the list for mortality of mothers giving birth in the world. This statistic has started to encourage many moms to consider natural childbirth options and shy away from medical intervention. Natural childbirth is when you use little to no medical intervention to birth your baby. This usually means no inducing, no medications, and can go as far as having a doula or a midwife present for the birth.

Natural childbirth is better for moms and babies as there won’t be any bad reactions to drugs. Even though a large percentage of people do not experience serious side effects to drugs, there are still many people who do. When given so many drugs to birth your baby you are at risk to have bad reactions that will cause further complications to delivery.

Natural childbirth without medication helps to keep mom aware and functioning at high levels during her birth. Using numbing drugs that paralyze her from the waste down can mean the birth process lasts for much longer and mom and baby can get tired, leading to the possibility of a c-section.

Statistics show that reduced medical intervention means lower chances for difficulties during birth. This includes pitocin to induce contractions, breaking the water to start labor and even a planned cesarean.

Medical intervention seems to cause your labor to slow. Sometimes it can help to relax you so you can dilate better, other times it slows down the whole process putting you and the baby through a lot more work than is needed.

Because medical intervention seems to slow down the birthing process it also raises the statistic for cesareans. You see doctors only want you to birth so long, they say you get too tired and you can’t handle it, or they are worried about you. Many times they could be more worried about getting it over with so they can get back to their families. This is another reason so many people have planned cesareans.

Although for many people they are safe, cesareans are performed on 30% of pregnancies in the U.S. when they are only needed for 10%, and unfortunately even the smallest mistake in a cesarean can cause the mother or baby to have complications as tragic as death. With natural childbirth available, why take the chance?

Sometimes cesareans are completely necessary and the mom or baby would be at more risk not having one. But as you can see only about one third of cesareans are considered emergency, and the other two thirds are putting themselves needlessly at risk.

Natural childbirth is the way nature intended and much more safe for mom and baby.

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