You can think of deep meditation being to the mind what a deep tissue massage is for the muscles. 

A deep tissue massage gets into the nitty gritty of the connective tissues and deeper layers of your muscles. It uses the same techniques as a traditional massage, but it is done slowly, applying more pressure, and is concentrated on areas that are particularly tense and painful. 

Likewise, traditional meditation requires focused attention and allowing for moments of mental stillness. However, deep meditation allows you to get in touch with your deepest needs and will allow you to keep your mind still. 

The Act Of Meditation 

Traditional meditation is easier and it can be practiced anywhere and at any time, all you need is a bit of quiet to close your eyes and sit still to focus your thoughts. It’s calming and it’s an effective way to relax. It makes you a happier person and more in control. However, to truly get in touch with your deeper needs you may want to go deeper into your meditation. 

You have probably heard people who are experienced in the art talking about their desire to deepen the practice. They want to be more focused and feel as though they truly understand their needs. 

You don’t have to be an experienced meditator to use it to get in touch with your deepest needs and desires.

  • Environment. The ideal environment for meditation is in surroundings that are private, peaceful, and comfortable. You should have the right temperature, and be able to shut out any background noise that is present. 
  • Posture. Your posture will define how your energy is able to move throughout your meditation session. The ideal position is to sit with your legs crossed, back unsupported, and hold your hands in your lap. This is known as the Lotus position; however, don’t attempt it if you consider this uncomfortable, as you won’t benefit from your session. That doesn’t mean that lying in bed or on the couch will suffice. 
  • Focus. You can choose a word to repeat or choose a soundtrack to keep yourself focused. This is the most effective way to prevent your mind from taking a wander, but the soundtrack should be quiet and relaxing. 
  • Immersion. Allow your sole focus to shift to the soundtrack you have chosen, hear each note and even the silence in between. When you feel your mind wandering or distractions creeping in bring your attention back to the soundtrack. The more you do this you will find your mind relaxing and becoming quieter. Your thoughts will melt away and your mind will be silenced. In the run up to this, you will have an awareness of your surroundings and your body, but this too will dissipate as your mind quietens. This brings you to a point of relaxation and love. 

What is the point? Your energy continues to move about your body, whether you are aware of it or not, and you are capable of surpassing negative thought patterns that are ingrained habits. 

You may find yourself meditating for longer than you previously would have, or even quicker. You are allowed to hear your inner voice offering you information about you and your true self. 

Normally your logical mind dismisses these types of messages, however, because your mind is still you are open to receiving the message with regards to your deepest needs. 

Not only will you feel cleansed, refreshed, and energized following your meditation session, you will also be filled with gratitude and peace. It’s a healing experience on every level. 

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