Being a mother and birthing a new being into this world is a special and sacred role — regardless of your worldview.

Module 5 of Empower by YogaBellies is all about the power of motherhood. This Yoga Alliance International accredited training is perfect for anyone working with pregnant clients or students, who wants to make sure their client is safe and offer them so much more in terms of support and understanding.

In it, you’ll learn how to better serve your clients, friends and family who embark on this beautiful journey…

Here’s what we’ll cover in the “Birthing the Mother” module:

  • Key areas to focus on before, during, and after the pregnancy
  • Yogi-approach to interacting with common pregnancy-related conditions
  • Develop deep empathy & understanding for physical, mental and emotional changes women go under during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Understand how to safely adapt Yoga postures and practices for every stage of pregnancy;
  • Learn how to use breathing to help pregnant women to relax and sleep better
  • Explore yoga practices to prepare for a natural birth and also to be used during birth;
  • Gain an understanding of pregnancy-specific anatomy and physiology, including what happens in a body during the pregnancy, potential complications (hypertension, premature labor, miscarriage)
  • Find out how to mitigate key risk factors and phases of pregnancy
  • Master the therapy of alleviating aches and ailments that come with pregnancy
  • Find out about the latest trends and practices in birthing and more

After going through all 50 hours of this course …

Your clients will be thrilled to have someone so skilled and knowledgeable about motherhood, pregnancy and childbirth. This internationally recognized qualification with YogaBellies Global will allow you to work safely and effectively with clients during the perinatal period.

No time like the present, so hurry up and sign-up for our unique 50-hour yoga teacher training course.




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