We breathe without even being aware of it. But during pregnancy, the very act of breathing can help us sail through the tedious nine months and hours of ‘back-breaking’ birthing! The problem is that most of us don’t really know how yogic breathing practices can help us or how to breathe ‘right’.

Pay attention to your body and you’ll see that you are taking shallow breaths. But during pregnancy you need deep breaths. But deep breathing takes practice to perfect. By practicing deep, slow breathing techniques, we are able to reduce tension and relax mentally, putting ourselves in a more mindful state of well-being – which can be beneficial to both mom and baby! It sends fresh Oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells , Pumps spinal fluid to the brain and Prevents build-up of toxins in the lungs. It also Stimulates the pituitary gland

Some quick guidelines for Pranayama during Pregnancy…

No breath retention (Khumbak)Yoga experts recommend that you shouldn’t hold your breath during yoga while you’re pregnant , because it could potentially reduce the amount of oxygen available to your baby. So it’s important to get the technique right. Don’t take deep, quick, forceful breaths when you’re pregnant. Which also includes kalabhati, Slow down the breath and make it more even, Breath is voluntary NOT forced, If the breath doesn’t feel natural now then it won’t during childbirth, Visualization or mantra can accompany the breath.

There are lots of pregnancy specific yogabellies breathing practices such as the full yogabellies breath, balancing breath and golden thread breath. Check out my other videos on how to practice these


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