Today women are expected to be on their feet and into normal life right after birth. Keep in mind that after nine months of pregnancy and going through labour or a c-section, your body needs to at least 12 months to heal and recover effectively. If you are breastfeeding, relaxin will also be in your system which again will soften all your ligaments and your pelvic floor.

????Walking and being on your feet for prolonged periods of time post birth means your pelvic floor has the pressure of your organs bearing down while they are weak and tired. This can increase your risk of a prolapse.

????We recommend that you take the first 6-8 weeks to rest and focus on healing following the birth. Please don’t feel pressured to jump back into a full yoga practice too soon – your body needs time to heal from the inside out.

Jumping into a strenuous yoga practice or exercise too early are not safe post birth.

????Sadly there are many unqualified yoga Teachers who are not aware of prolapse risks and are hurting women with an intensive practice that causes too much intra-abdominal pressure.

????Try a YogaBellies for Mum & Baby LIVE class from the comfort of your own home, where your qualified post natal teacher will be able to see you and advise on your practice and personal circumstances.????

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