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Rosy Grieco, Certified YogaBellies Teacher

Practicing yoga in gentle manner with your baby enhances your physical vitality as you work the abdomen, lower back and legs in the yoga asanas (postures), thus strengthening and toning your deepest muscles stressed by pregnancy and childbirth. Through a physical yoga practice, you are slowly regaining strength in the abdominal and pelvic regions, hence bettering your posture.

Relaxation will help you unwind and let go of your daily routine and stresses – taking time for herself to focus internally and re-energize. During your relaxation practice, allow your baby to join in with you. Then you will promote a more relaxed mental and physical well-being, which in turn will help your little one sleep better, giving you much deserved time to rest.

Endorphins, also known as the “happy hormones” are secreted during a relaxation practice. This can result in you having a happier and more positive relationship adjusting to your new role as a mummy.

Practicing Yoga with your baby

This will promote the bond between the two of you. The enjoyment of this practice and eye contact, will only encourage touch, baby’s first language. You will learn to read baby’s cues responding appropriately giving you a sense of achievement and good feeling which you can share with your special baby creating a more positive interaction, which in turn will teach baby to trust.

The closeness you share with your baby in a Yoga practice, will increase the production of the hormone of love, or “Oxytocin”.  This bond you share will highlight the feeling of being loved, respected and secure.

Happy mummy happy baby!

Try this at home…

Relaxation bliss with your baby…

Find a comfortable space in which to relax.

Play some relaxing music…

Lying down and bringing baby in close proximity, either by your side with your arm cuddling baby into your body, or lying on top of your chest and tummy (make yourselves as comfortable as possible)…

Close the eyes, relax the facial muscles, quieten the mind…

Bring attention to your breath… Deep slow breathing, in and out through the nose..

Be aware of stress and tension in the body. Release with each deep breath allowing only a sense of relaxation to be present… softening the muscles in your body…

Lightly bringing attention to your little one. And transferring your positive and relaxing energy to your baby, visualizing in your mind’s eye, lots of swirling colors moving from your heart over to your baby’s…

Breathe in 2,3,4…hold 2,3…breathe out 2,3,4,5… (x5)

Stay in relaxation for as long as you like.

Five things you didn’t know about yoga for mum and baby

  1. Yoga is the safest way to start rebuilding mum’s abdominal muscles post-partum
  2. Yoga can help you relax and bond with baby
  3. Yoga for baby can help ease common baby ailments and help them self soothe
  4. Baby yoga postures can be beneficial for babies in the same way as asanas for adults
  5. Post natal yoga can prevent and alleviate post natal depression

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I believe Yoga is for everyone.