Global community of women’s yoga classes providers and yoga training courses, YogaBellies, has announced the completion of their latest accredited EMPOWER 300-Hour course.

Our first trainees enrolled in the EMPOWER 300-Hour have graduated in January 2022, becoming fully licensed yoga teachers certified by the Yoga Alliance International. A key spokesperson has commented on the milestone, ‘We are immensely proud of all our new graduates and would like to extend our sincere congratulations to each and every one of them. We truly hope the lessons they have learned as part of EMPOWER will elevate their feminine yoga practices, whether personal or professional, and help them empower other women to achieve their wellbeing goals. We are excited to see our new graduates put into action everything they have learned during their time with us’.

Available for everyone regardless of yoga experience or knowledge, the EMPOWER yoga teacher training course has enabled teachers from all walks of life to achieve a greater understanding of the most appropriate yoga practices for each unique stage of a woman’s life. The course integrates the YogaBellies Sadhana, several key elements of a feminine yoga practice, to provide a holistic learning experience for all trainees, as well as yoga business coaching and personal empowerment skills.

Commenting on the future of the training course, the spokesperson added ‘Some of the things our graduates praise relate to the comprehensiveness and flexibility of the program, and our teacher trainer’s uplifting and engaging delivery. We want to continue building on these strengths and expand the reach of our feminine yoga practices that have the potential to make such a positive and meaningful difference to the lives of women. As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel it is more critical than ever to provide self-care support to women everywhere, from their menstrual phase through to menopause. We have realized there is no better way to reach this goal than by educating current and new yoga teachers on the vital distinctions in a yoga practice just for women,  and take these key learnings and apply them to their own communities of women. We are optimistic the power of feminine yoga  will have a long-lasting impact on women’s health and mindset.’

With a proven track record of over 13 years of women’s yoga teacher training, the new programme by YogaBellies,  has been created with a particular focus on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing specifically for women, and is open for 2022 sign-ups. The EMPOWER 300-Hour Course will be rolled out as a highly interactive live online training, coupled with resources and mentorship sessions.

About EMPOWER 300-Hour Course by YogaBellies

The EMPOWER 300-Hour Course is an online yoga teacher training programme for and by women at all stages of life. Cheryl MacDonald, the founder of YogaBellies and creator behind the online yoga teacher training course, has over 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher and over 13 years as a trainer. The unique course has been specifically developed to reflect the YogaBellies mission and cover the entire spectrum of yoga practices as well asempowering personal and business development skills.

Want to know more about EMPOWER? Our next training kicks off in May 2022

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