It pisses me off.

To this day.

All the amazing, brave, big-hearted women (and men!)

Who aren’t living their best life because of one thing.

Scarcity mindset.

A worldview that the good things in life — opportunities, love, money,  success — are hard to come by.

These people see life as a zero-sum game…

And themselves as perpetual losers.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

“Who do you think we are, Mrs?” — one of my closest friend’s Mum would ask, perplexed that she dared to ask for “pricey” ice cream.

It was the way she said it. Like I asked for a golden pony pooping rainbow or something.

Im a grown woman, making good money… But I still feel like Im being punched in a gut every time I pass a pint of Ben & Jerry.”

Sadly, sometimes this worldview is passed on to us by our primary caregivers…

Making it that more resilient to change.

While this topic is VERY broad….

Today I’d like to suggest 3 simple tools for dealing with the scarcity mindset.

1.   Gratitude

Seems like everyone and their grandma have been getting on the gratitude wagon these days.

But for a good reason!

Gratitude is the antidote to MANY negative emotions…

Is it really a surprise it does wonders for our scarcity mindset?

When we focus on what’s good in our life, we’ve naturally pulled away from the negativity…

Gratitude creates abundance.

2.   Help someone else

Let’s not sugar coat it: the world can be a scary place.

Shifting our focus from the “woe is me” mentality benefits us.

A study found that helping others makes us feel good by activating certain pathways in our brain.

Altruism is pleasurable — and now we have proof!

3.   Surround yourself with abundance-minded people

Do you know what they say about us being an average of 5 people we hang out with?

Spend some time around these folks and watch how your limited thinking just melts away.

What’s your favorite way of dealing with the scarcity mindset?

I’m SUPER curious to hear your thoughts!



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