Hey there,

I’m so excited to share this with you!

So many wonderful yoginis have asked about this one…

And now it’s finally here!

So, are you ready for  “Mother and Child” this August?

This is a VERY sought-after module number 5 of my signature EMPOWER by YogaBellies course

Which is, as you know, Yoga Alliance International accredited yoga course.

So, why should you join me for Mother and Child”?

All 50 hours of this programme are chock-full of deep insights into the magnificent wonder of mother and newborn.

While yoga for mothers and babies is hardly a new thing…

Yogabellies “Mother and Child” takes it to a whole another level.

What do I mean by this?

Firstly, we go deep into the specifics of female physiology and anatomy during the final trimester and during postpartum.

We’ll also cover the post-natal recovery and self-nurturing practices in depth.

And how to address the hormonal, physical, and psychological changes a woman’s body goes through after delivering a new life into the world.

Next, you’ll discover why the BAPs (our back, tummy, and pelvic floor) matter a lot after childbirth and how you can move them safely.

What about the asana progression? Yes, I will walk through this aspect of yoga practice — step by step.

By the time we finish, you’ll be able to transition your practice safely from yoga studio to your home — regardless of your experience level.

You will also learn to address and alleviate common postnatal issues (weak pelvic floor, instability of pelvic joints, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and split abdominal muscles).

You will acquire much more specialized yoga knowledge…

Like exploring yoga postures for infants and toddlers and techniques of deep relaxation for mothers (with and without the baby).

Plus, plenty more!

“Oh Cheryl, but I’m not planning to have a child!”

But, learning about postpartum yoga is for yoga teachers, doulas, and yoga-minded pregnant women too.

It’s for everyone who has an open heart and a curious mind…

Appreciates the wonders of motherhood …

And wants to support their client, sister, friend, partner, colleague, or neighbor with specific knowledge and profound understanding of the postpartum journey.

You are guaranteed to experience countless “AHA” moments and profound realizations …

Join me for this unique course and uncover the deep knowledge that is unknown to most.

If you’d like to know more about training with yogabellies you can check out our Mother and Child Course here
==>I Say YES to Mastering Postpartum Yoga

Love, Cheryl

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