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You know that word “crone”, right?
Funny how it became a slur.

A synonym for a witch or a hag

An old, wrinkled woman with a mean temper — this is how she’s portrayed in many cases.

What a pity

Because Crone is the embodiment of innate, mature and deep female wisdom.

Yes, I Want To Master The Wisdom of the Crone

She embraces the wisdom and maturity that getting older brings

Which, given the obsession with youth in the modern world, we all need to learn.

What does this mean to you as a female yogi?

I invite you to join me in exploring this in Embracing the Crone YTT,

This accredited course goes deep into the practical aspects of learning from our inner Wise Woman.

Over 50 hours of Embracing the Crone YTT course, I’ll show you how to:

❖Understand your own journey through the different stages of menopause (from perimenopause to post-menopause)

❖Discover how you can utilize this change for personal growth and multiple benefits

❖Explore common pelvic conditions each woman faces with age

❖Use yoga to balance out the hormones and overcome unpleasant side effects of menopause using yoga and holistic practices

❖Embrace your innate female intuition and wisdom

❖Learn the YogaBellies SLEEP practices for deep relaxation and better sleep in menopause

❖Utilize yoga, meditation and breathing to alleviate the less desirable symptoms of menopause

❖Unlock the “blessings in disguise” — the hidden beauty of this life stage

+ Much more! (Find more details HERE)

Menopause is a special and sacred period

In the life of every single woman on this planet.

When the Wise Woman speaks, we’d be better off to listen carefully.

Join me on this beautiful journey.

Let’s learn and grow together.

I look forward to uncovering this timeless awareness with you,

Contact us today for a yoga teacher training online classes.

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