When most people think of Yoga Teacher Training, what comes to mind is usually a lot of dry yoga information that’s not particularly interesting and that you’ll forget as soon as training is over… But there’s a lot more to becoming a yoga teacher than death by PowerPoint and a couple of handstands.

What about YOU??

If you choose the right programme, your life can genuinely change for the better – when you focus on your personal empowerment at the same time. Look for a programme that offers the right personal development plan to serve you and the support systems to help you make real changes to your life.

A Yoga Teacher Training Programme should teach you how to uncover what you really want from life. Help you with your career as a yoga teacher; how to set up a realistic plan to achieve your goals and how to really practice yoga – on and off the mat.

Always opt for a Yoga Teacher Training Programme that suits your personal preferences (be that location or style) and in an area or style of yoga that particularly interests you. Basically, a Yoga Teacher Training Programme should help you to pursue your dreams and goals. The programme should – through embracing yoga yourself in everyday life – help you regain control of your life and your health longterm. When you undertake Yoga Teacher Training, you can rewrite the path of your life.

Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Programme based on:

What does the programme cover?

Any reputable YTT should be able to help you improve your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional awareness. You can’t have one without the other so a whole life approach is required.

Does it include powerful tools and exercises?

To draw out your inner feminine wisdom and not only help you empower your students but also to work on improving life for YOU.

Are the lead yoga teacher and the yoga school credible?

Join a well-established (10 years or more) Yoga School with a credible head teacher that has specific experience in what you are studying. If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the poor results. Make sure you understand where the yoga school’s origin and the WHY behind what they teach.

Will you gain fundamental Yoga Skills you can use in real life?

Is this training going to provide you with real-life skills you can use in real-life situations? Or is it a load of non-applicable yoga fluff that doesn’t apply to real life or what your students will need? The yoga skills you learn should help you put together a firm foundation for your life with goals, time management, and inspiration. This will bring more focus into your life.

Will you be working on YOU in the programme?

To be able to empower others with yoga practices – you must work on yourself first. Must make you understand yourself and what you need from life. You should be working on your direction,  self-esteem, inner power, and self-worth in any reputable yoga teacher training.

Will you get Ongoing Support?

Do they provide ongoing support? Throughout training and beyond? Email or online support to keep you disciplined focused, and motivated. Do they provide personal and yoga business support?

Are You Convinced? 

Have you tried these practices yourself? Are you convinced by what the senior yoga teacher is telling you and have other people experienced the benefits? Look for testimonials and evidence that this yoga training programme can change your life.

Apart from the above, your Yoga Teacher Training course must be able to improve your life overall – not just show you how to pull a couple of acrobatic shapes on a yoga mat. This starts with YOU and your personal yoga journey.

Any Yoga Teacher Training Programme, should eliminate pressure from your life – not add to it – and replace that with self-confidence, improve your self-esteem, find balance, eliminate a negative view of life and replace this with feelings of union and love. 

Is there really anything that Yoga Teacher Training Programmes don’t need to have? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another. If you plan to teach women yoga for example – I highly recommend you choose a YTT that trains you to work with women throughout life. 92% of people who attend yoga classes are women and traditional hatha yoga was created for men – this is surely worth a thought!!

My EMPOWER programme will help you discover the proven women’s yoga system that’s helping women at every life stage. Improve your own energy levels, take control of your life, and carve out time for yourself…on and off the yoga mat!

You can find out more about EMPOWER Women’s Yoga Teacher Training and Empowerment Programme here.

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