The whole pregnancy is an online do-it-at-home programme, with videos, audio, downloadable handbooks, workbooks and email coaching. You even get to join our online yogabellies bump and baby forum, for added support throughout your pregnancy.

I’m sure that now you’re pregnant that you are super excited, but I also realize you are probably completely overwhelmed with information: This is what to do, what not to do, what to eat what not to eat, the best way to prepare for birth, what you’re going to need. And just when you think you’ve cracked it, it all changes right?

Split into 8 succinct modules – you can pick and choose whichever you want at any time -made up of videos, written guides, and audio – the whole pregnancy takes you through all 3 trimesters and covers everything from yoga to meditation to nutrition to birth and even immediately post-partum. I’ve included my pregnancy DVD and best-selling pregnancy books and journal and I’ve put together an editable workbook you can update on your phone.

Pregnancy yoga practices, a meditation schedule, preparing the body for birth, chef-created pregnancy recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, and more! This programme is absolutely everything you need to stay fit, healthy and sane in pregnancy – mind body and soul. The best bit? You can access all of it on your phone or iPad if you wish! Over GBP1000 worth of content for just GBP49. Boom! 

At Last! Your Complete Pregnancy Lifestyle Programme for A Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul …

Yoga, Meditation, and Nutrition For Every Trimester at Home from the founder of YogaBellies

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